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A personal knowledge base


Welcome to the personal knowledge base of Wesley Moore.

#Recently Updated Pages

#What is a personal knowledge base?

It's a semi-organized collection of knowledge that I have accumulated.

#Why was this created?

I noticed that a number of my friends and colleagues had a system similar to me where we would collect little morsels of information for future reference. It seemed a shame that each person's information was private to them so I decided to publish a bunch of mine. This is the result.

The idea is that each page doesn't have to be a fully fledged tutorial or blog post. It just needs to be quick to add to and if the information happens to help someone else, then great.

#How does it work?

All the pages are Markdown files in a folder on my computer synced to the server via Syncthing. I just create or edit a file and it shows up on the site.

Last modified: 25 December 2015